Capture the judges’ attention and win the crowd’s heart in one of our pageant dresses, designed to celebrate your unique beauty and empower you to present your best self on stage. 

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For Children

Curated for our youngest clients starting at age 5, each dress is made to make her feel like the star you know she is, capturing the joy and sparkle of her spirit.

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Custom Gown

If our in-house collection doesn’t capture your unique vision, we’ll design a gown that meets your exact specifications, starting at $2,500.

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Past Clients

  • Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen 2018, Rory Pan
  • Miss America 2016, Betty Cantrell
  • Miss Georgia 2017, Alyssa Beasley
  • Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen 2016, Annie Swan
  • Miss America Outstanding Teen 2015, Olivia McMillian
  • Miss Georgia 2014, Maggie Bridges
  • Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen 2012, Jameson Kenerly

Custom Creations

Where your dream dress is designed and sewn right here in-house, make your vision into reality. From the first sketch to the final stitch, we’ll create a gown that's uniquely yours, starting at $1,500.

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Flexible Financing

Make your dream piece a reality with our flexible financing options, providing easy, customizable payment plans to suit every budget.

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Custom Tailoring

Perfect elegance is all in the details. Reserved for our existing clients, we use our decades of experience to customize each dress, shaping a fit that’s as dreamy as the wedding.

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